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I would like to introduce my work in a few sentences, but I won't make it too long!

In 2014, I started making braidable dreadlocks, first from synthetic hair, then from wool. At that time, I was already working on making real locks, but only on a hobby level. In 2016, it first became a part-time, then a full-time business, designed from the start for the international market, and that’s when I left my job.

I learned a lot over the years, many of my attempts turned out to be dead ends, but the ones that remained have, to confess with the greatest humility, now developed into quality work and I am the only one in Hungary who can create certain things on this topic.

But the learning never stops, I am constantly searching for new things, techniques, and raw materials so that I can create the locks of my customers’ dreams. Now my main profile is to make braidable and permanent dread extensions made from wool and human hair, real dreads making and a new thing is the lock based waves.


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