Dread beads

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All of the burnt or graven wood beads made by hand. The wood coming from the pieceful forest from next to our home. Some of the wood came from our own garden, feathers came from our beloved birds. We care for make every pieces a little bit different, so you will get something absolutly special and unique from us. Diamaters can be variety. Recommend a little bit smaller bead in diameter than your locks.


People in the hystory always decorated their house, clothes, body and hair too. Before the metal decorations they used wood and bones. For people like us wood usually means the nature, the free mind. We trying to live our life in a symbioses with the nature and use less plastic and metal things. This is why we choosed wood for dreadbands and beads. Every pieces are unique and everything are originally in the wood we just help to born them. We use different type of hard wood for our bands and beads to keep the them from broken and give them long lifetime. We add a layer to keep the burnt forms from the useing and UV radiation so you will see the design for long time. The beads have 5mm hole but we can make it bigger up to 8mm. Write to the note box before you pay if you need bigger hole. All of this beads are ready to ship, I need just some days to box them and ship them out.

Number of pieces

3 pieces, 5 pieces, 10 pieces


Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4


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