Dread wig

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If you dont have enough time for install or dont want to try out the braidable self install and nobody do installation process in your city, wool dread wig would be the best choise for you. I use long wool dreads to myke my wigs to get the most natural look. Add regural and wispy ended pieces for a wig cap. The price include the scarf too. In the lists you can choose the details of the pencil sized wig and you have to write the colors into the note box. Please, always fill it and attach pic about the shades. I dont have colorpalett cause I can mix every color to match your dream shades. If you need micro or thicker set, find me in pm. I can ship your dream wig within 10 business days.

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Lots of people lost fully or partially their hair for shorter or longer time because of different illnesses and mostly womans lost their self-confidence too until this time. But I can help you to get back you self-confidence with my wigs. But if you need a wig just for a custume its a great choise too. Wigs can be made from synthetic hair and wool. I made some synthetic dreadlock wig before but Im not a big fan of synthetic hair so I stopped to make them. Than I made some search and found out how to make wool dreads withoute a synthetic base. The advantage is the installation: braidable woolies need hours to be installed, the wig need just some minutes: you can fix the with clips in your hair. Becouse of the weight I make wigs from just textured long wool. This type of wool is lighter than merino so the wig base wouldnt lost the flexibility. For install use a scarf to hide the „hairline” so the wig will be very lifelike. The cleaning methode is the same as the braidable woolies, check the maintaince guide under the ’services/FAQ’ menu.


16", 20", 24"


None, 3 braids and 3 twists


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