‘Fangorn’ Carving Papabead

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This Papabead mostly made by the nature and the bugs who lived in the wood. We found this unique piece and helped for Fangorn to born.
The idea of the Papabead came from my memories of my childhood. There was a little plastic similar think, could be opened and closed and you could position your hair up withoute any bands. You cant use the papabead to position your dreads too high but this plastic hairpiece insopired the papabead. Perfect choise if you want to keep some locks at your back, if you dont want to leave them hang into your face.

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People in the hystory always decorated their house, clothse, body and hair too. Before the metal decorations they used wood and bones. For people like us wood usually means the nature, the free mind, bone is a connection between us and the nature. We trying to live our life in a symbioses with the nature and use less plastic and metal things. This is why we choosed wood and bone for dreadbands and beads. Every pieces are unique and everything are originally in the wood we just help to born them. We use different bones we find in the forest andd different type of hard wood for our bands and beads to keep the them from breakage and give them long lifetime. We add a layer to keep the burnt forms from the useing and UV radiation so you will see the design for long time. Impregnate the wood with lenoil. The Papabeads have 22mm hole. All of this beads are ready to ship, I need just some days to box them and ship them out.


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