Hairy styled, braidable wool dreads with regular ends

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For hairy styled wool dreadlocks I use different type of longwool roving so the result is a textured, hairy looked surface. Because of the length of the fiber this dreads gives you a real dread feeling, very similar to matured human hair dreads. In the lists you can choose the details of the pencil sized set and you have to write the colors into the note box, dont forget to write which one you need: DE or SE. Please, always fill it and attach pic about the shades. I dont have colorpalett cause I can mix every color to match your dream shades. If you need micro or thicker set, find me in pm. I can ship your dream dreads within 10 business days.


Longwool did not particularly spread among clothing, because the result is not a regular, smooth surface, but rather a textured look. This structure is due to the fact that compared to merino wool, the fiber length can be double or triple. I have also been working with long fiber wool since 2015. This results in a less soft but very realistic dread. Of course, the felting technique is also slightly different. It is not necessary to wet braid or twist to keep this texture, because it is like this because of the fiber length, so you don’t have to worry about it after cleaning. Due to the fiber length, shedding may occur, but this will stop over time, at least in the case of real dreads. Care instructions can be found in the FAQ menu. It can be worn for years without special aftercare, but washes, UV radiation, individual use can fade the color over time, which can be solved with a new dyeing. If you are aware of a lanolin allergy, I do not recommend using it (for lanolin free hypoallergenic set contact me in pm). For the greatest effect, I recommend double strands, for the most natural effect, single strands, to achieve a natural and large dread crown, I recommend single strands for the hairline in 2 rows and double strands for the remaining areas. In the case of a full set for normal hair, 50 double strands or 80-90 single strands are usually needed from pencil-thick strands. More if your hair is thicker, less if it’s less thick or you have a haircut. 30-45 double or 50-70 single strands are usually enough for a dreadhawk, for partial braiding I recommend 10-20 double or 20-30 single strands. Between real locks, 10 double or 20 single locks are recommended for enrichment or coloring purposes. If you see that we do not ship to the country of your choice, contact us privately, because we can send it anywhere, as long as your country has not yet been added to the destination countries.


10DE/15SE, 20DE/30SE, 30DE/50SE, 40DE/60SE, 50DE/80SE, 60DE/90SE


16-18", 18-20", 20-22"


None, 3 braids and 3 twists


None, Factory made wood beads, wraps


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