Human hair braidable dreadlocks

140.00 $550.00 $

For this human hair dreads I use europian, factory dyed 100% human hair.
Listing is about pencil thin dreads, you can choose the number and length.
For orders above 30DE/50SE we add free, handmade burnt designed wood beads what you can customize.
For order add the wanted length and number to the cart and at the checkout write me what color(s) do you need? You can choose 2 different colors for those price. Colorpalette attached to the pic. Dont forget to write me at the checkout if you need DE or SE dreads.
The price is for wispy ended human hair braidable dreads (some pics made about permanent extensions but its not a problem, for ordering permanent extensions find the good listing) with normal wispy tips in length (5-6″). If you want them with longer tips, write it to the empty box at the checkout.
Extra charge needed, if:
* you want more colors,
* if you want me to add extra hair for the tips to make it fuller,
* need thicker dreads than a pencil,
* want me to wave/curl the tips – they will straighten back,
* adding (extra) decorations.
If you need more, than 30DE, you can add more from the stock.

My crochet work is the same on human hair and synthetic hair too.
Dont forget, this dreads will made from human hair so they will need maintance and will mature until the time. You can turn them into permanent extensions easily if you will dread your own hair in the future.

** keep in mind, colors can be different on different screens,
** suppliar doesnt recommend the bleaching of the hair, but you can dye them anytime (I cant bare the responsibility for that, cause it isnt made by me).

I started to work with dreads in 2013, firstly on my friends real dreads. I learned a lot about crocheting of hair until the years and I dont like to crochet the hair too tight, but like to leave place and chance for natural meaturing process. My human hair permanent extensions arent stiff and tight. Now I found a suppliar who does quality work on human hair so I can make colored sets too.
I dont recommend useing on them wax or gel. Leave the matureing process for the nature and time.


10DE/15SE, 20DE/30SE, 30DE/50SE, 40DE/60SE, 50DE/80SE, 60DE/90SE


16-18", 18-20", 20-22"


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