PREORDER ‘Icy blonde’ lock based fairy waves

195.00 $

Full set of ‘Icy blonde’ Lock based fairy waves PREORDER – processing time is 10 business days

* made from synthetic hair with crochet methode at the top,
* 50DE waves mix of white and grey,
* length is ~ 20-22″ (55cm),
* enough for a full head,
* 5DE mint pieces, rest are a mix of ash blonde ombre and platinum blonde color.

Pics made in drect sunshine and in the shadow, outside, in natural light.

Crocheet work is smooth to keep the midlle not stiff and avoid texture caused itchyness.
** keep in mind colors can be a little different on different screens,
** if you see when purchase we dont deliver to your country, drop me pm cause we do just maybe your country isnt in our system yet,
** drop me pm if you need more and I can make you them.

Out of stock

I started to work with synthetic hair in 2014, when I made my first synthetic dreadset for myself. After some years I found wool and stoped to work with synths ’till 2022. Maybe in January I saw a work with wavy synthetic hair. The hair originally was used for brasilian crochet hair but in this case the middle was dreaded on some inches long. Made some search and found ariel wave, brasilian curl hair on the web and ordered some packs. When I was young I always wanted wavy/curly hair but my europian, perfectly straight hair didnt kept any other style just straight. Was a big fun to make those wavy sets and Im still in love. Sometimes I make some extra braids to make the texture more exciting.
Synthetic hair originally curly/wavy so if you dont use on them boiling water they wouldnt straighten. The middle of them, the some inches long dreaded part is stayed for some minutes in boiling water to keep the crochet work. I soaked them in ACV to take off the chemical coat and avoid itchiness. For careing instruction check the services/FAQ part of the webpage.


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