Shield Maiden synthetic braidable dread set

100.00 $

For sale and ready to ship: full set of synthetic dreads.

* 39DE synthetic dreads crochet in different styles,
* 1-1,2cm thickness – bec of it its enough for. afull head with normal, sheved or hair with fringe,
* 18-20″ length,
* blondes, white, purple, silver shades of synthetic hair,
* 1 braided piece, wood beads, wraps, feather as decoration.

Paymant plan available – 2 parts, set will be outshiped when the last part arrived in – drop me pm if you need it.
I can add some lock based fairy waves to turn it for a bigger setfor extra price but not full length crochet synths – drop me pm if you need it.

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Maybe you know my dread business started with synthetic dreads. This set was made years before and installed just once for my friend cause she changed to wool – cleaned the set out.
So now its ready to ship for a price with a huge discount!


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