Straight braidable wool dreads with wispy ends

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For straight woolies I use 18 mic merino wool roving so the result is a smooth, straight texture. Because of the length of the fiber this dreads gives you a comfortable daily dreadstyle withoute irritation. I add an other type of wool to get this amazing, smooth waves for the tips. In the lists you can choose the details of the pencil sized set and you have to write the colors into the note box, dont forget to write which one you need: DE or SE. Please, always fill it and attach pic about the shades. I dont have colorpalett cause I can mix every color to match your dream shades. If you need micro or thicker set, find me in pm. I can ship your dream dreads within 10 business days.


Merino wool can often be found in the description of woolen clothes. Not for nothing, because thanks to its fiber size, it very rarely irritates the skin, so it is often used for clothing. The world of wool dreads also started with straight locks, at first almost only merino wool dreads could be found on the market. They were braided or twisted when they were wer to achieve a wavy effect after drying, but after another wash, the dreads take on their natural straight shape. The 18 micron fiber size results in a soft and comfortable wear. Thanks to the felting technique and fiber type, it does not shed or fluff, and no aftercare is required except for washing. For the straight body I felt an other típe of wool in to get this smooth, wavy look at the tips. Because of the realistic look, people, whos dont know this type of wool think its real hair. You found care information in the FAQ. It can be used for years. Possible color fading may occur due to washing, UV radiation, individual use, but this can be solved with another dyeing. If you have a known allergy to lanolin, I do not recommend using it (for lanolin free hypoallergenic set contact me in pm). For the biggest look, I recommend double ended, for the most natural effect, single ended, to achieve a natural and big dread crown, I recommend single ended dreads for the hairline in 2 lines and double ended dreads for the rest areas. In the case of a full set for normal hair, 50 double ended or 80-90 single ended are usually needed from pencil-thick dreads. More if your hair is thicker, less if it’s less thick or you have a undercut. 30-45 double or 50-70 single ended are usually enough for a dreadhawk, for partial braiding I recommend 10-20 double or 20-30 single ended. Between real locks, 10 double or 20 single ended locks are recommended for bigger look or coloring purposes. If you see we do not ship into your country, contact me cause we do, just your country doesnt added yet for the shipping options. I can ship your finished set within 10 business days.


10DE/15SE, 20DE/30SE, 30DE/50SE, 40DE/60SE, 50DE/80SE, 60DE/90SE


16-18", 18-20", 20-22"


None, 3 braids and 3 twists


None, Factory made wood beads, wraps


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