Wood fairy – permanent human hair dread extensions

150.00 $

Wood fairy – permanent human hair dread extensions

* 30 pencil sized human hair extensions,
* full length is ~14″,
* long, free, wispy ends for the Goddess look,
* ends are naturally straight but you can curl them anytime,
* amazing shade of dark brown to blonde – made from dyed human hair,
* dyable (dont beare the responsibility for the result),
* bleaching doesnt recommended,
* handmade wood beads included.

Perfect choise if you need a natural colored permanent set. Would look amazing in darker or nearly same color hair.

** keep in mind, colors can be different on different screens, recommend to check the colors on mobile phone for the best result,
** pics made outside in natural light in the shadow,
** they made from human hair so they need maintance as your own hair need too.
** I can make more if you need.

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I started to work with dreads in 2013, firstly on my friends real dreads. I learned a lot about crocheting of hair until the years and I dont like to crochet the hair too tight, but like to leave place and chance for natural meaturing process. My human hair permanent extensions arent stiff and tight. Usually use undyed, just natural colored hair especially for custom orders, but sometimes I find some amazing colors and like to mix those hair to make special shades.
I dont recommend useing on them wax or gel. Leave the matureing process for the nature and time.


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