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About my services

I have many plans for the future, mostly with wool, you will be able to find out about them here.

For real dreads making here are some important informations.

Dread extension

Make braidable and permanent dread extensions – made from wool and human hair

Lock based waves

Get amazing long, soft waves with crochet dread base and be a Goddess

Dread wigs

If you have just some minutes to get your locks check this part

Custom orders

If you need something more personal, this is your place

Dreadlock bands

Dont you find enough big band for your dreads? Check in here!

Dreadlock beads and accessories

You want something unique into your locks? Brows between these handmade wood beads and accessories!

Real dreads

Place for people whos need or have real locks


General questions

These are single strand dreads that have a loop at the end that is needed for braiding. You have to pull your separated piece of hair throughthis loop and divide it into two, then you can complete the triple braiding with the single strand.

Watch a video about the technique here.

These represent 2 threads. Practically a long strand folded in half in the middle. This is where the triple braiding starts with 2 pieces of your hair.

Watch a video about the technique here.

This form of dreads is for those who already have real locks of their own hair and want to extend them. For this, practically simple locks are needed, but without a loop, with a combed part at one end, which is crocheted into the end of the real lock. Installation requires a more
experienced hand, or perhaps the help of a maker.

It is a faster option to get dreads, need just some minutes to install, some clips fix the wig in your own hair. If you dont have hair, I added an elastic band what you have to knot at your back of your head

Dreadlocks/dreads or rasta?

Let’s respect each other and with respect to religion, whoever feels that he is not close to it, is not a practitioner, refers to his locks as dreads or dreadlocks, not rasta. Although I think that those who really follow the religion seriously do not care about what others say about their locks, many people are bothered by the existence of “fake dreadlocks”, which also includes dreads made of wool, synthetic and human hair.

Accordingly, on my site you will see the names “lock”, “dread” or “dreadlock”, which mean the same thing: felted or crocheted threads, mainly wool, but there will also be examples of human and synthetic hair.
Braidable dreads are a form of hair extension/replacement, like the others, just cool. A professional hairstylist is not absolutely necessary
to apply them, anyone with patience and knowledge of triple braiding or blanket stitch braiding methode can apply them to their own hair.

First of all, I would like to clarify a few concepts for the sake of complete newcomers. Since people often only come across English expressions, I will also add them, and where possible, I will share some video content for easier understanding.

This is a more permanent change, in this case the person’s own hair is separated, then backcombed, and finally crocheted, this is the so-
called crochet technique. Of course, there are more and less crocheted versions of this, I use the latter myself. In this case, the hair gets more space for the natural felting processes, the lock becomes softer, there are no tight roots, hard locks, sleepless nights, reddened scalp, etc.

In addition, there is the “twist and rip” method, when the detached pieces of hair is twisted around itself and then pulled in two several times in a row. Then the hair will locking up. Doesnt crochetl, or they only crochet minimally. In this case, the dreads locking up and lost length a lot during their “matureing” and an almost “Free form” look is achieved.

Yes, “free form” means that the hair locking up themselves, they just have to be separate from time to time apart, not crocheted, palm rolling as much as needed. You can find very nice free forms, if the person’s hair does not want to come together in a beaver tail.

Maybe these informations are enough for the start, lets do a search on the website and ask your questions in pm. If you need a set from me in the webshop you find blank sets which are waiting for your colors.

Thicknesses: micro 3-5mm, pencil 5-8mm, ~1cm 8-10mm, thick 10-12mm, in English there is also the sharpie, which is usually used, means
a thickness of 12-15mm (these are only informative and they are definitely typical of my shop).

It can be practically any length. However, it is worth considering that these locks are light when dry, but become heavy when wet and may be uncomfortable until they dry or too much weight can put a strain on the scalp in the long term (I’m thinking here, for example, of meter-long locks, which I no longer recommend).

A well-made work can be worn for years. I have more than one customer who has been wearing his single set for many years. And I have
more than one guest whose own locks I have spliced with human hair, or wool, or synthetic hair. A well-made job will last for years and does not require more than necessary maintenance. In the case of plaits, one plait lasts 2-6 weeks. There are those who continue to wear it, but by this time the hair grows out and the braid loosens. In such cases, the braids must be untied, the strands taken out, the scalp rested for a few days, and then the strands can go back to
their usual place (cleaning and maintenance advice can be found under the appropriate menu item).

Many people cannot tell the difference between a sensitive scalp and an allergic reaction. In the case of synthetic hair, the latter also often occurs, because some of the makers are not careful enough during production and do not do a complete job with the raw material.

With wool, this can happen if you are allergic to lanolin. It is the natural constituent of wool. Of course, there is also anti-allergenic, lanolin-
free wool what can be used for a custom set.

If you find that your scalp itches, but only your scalp, not your neck or shoulders, if small, red dots appear at the base of the braids and bulge out… don’t be afraid, you are not allergic, your scalp is simply sensitive and you have some tension bumps. This happens to many people for the first time. It can be caused by the texture (straight wool locks have a smooth surface, this does not usually happen there), the tight braiding, or even the sudden extra weight. This usually lasts for a few days and typically occurs in areas with baby hair, along the hairline. If you feel a burning sensation everywhere the material touches you and your skin is red and itchy, I recommend that you wear it as soon as possible.


Lock based waves | Maintenance of braidable and permanent wool extensions

* Separate them every or every other day after install

* Wash just your scalp, a sponge is the best, once a week, not more needed.

* if you wash them, leave them dry on air or use cold option on your hairdryer – keep care for your scalp, dont make cold them too much

* Use satin/silk pillow case for sleep, its always good for real and fake dreads from synthetic hair

* Braid them for 2 big braids for sleeping

* if the ends tangled, you have to take them apart gently or cut them off.

* with good care they are reusable more times

* wear them for 2-6 weeks/session, depending how you feel yourself about them and the install

* if the dreaded part start to be frizzy, when they are off you can use on them boiling water: just hang the dreaded part in for half a minute. Leave the hot water come off from them and hang them out to dry (this is the same way as normal synthetic dreads). Keep out the waves from hot water.

* for installing use the blanket stitch method

* have fun with them and send me back after install pic 😉

The following couple of maintenance and care tips are the same for all textures

* clean only by hand (even on the wool program in the washing machine, it clumps together), it is recommended to wash them in hand warm water, without soap, with normal shampoo to save the color

* wool is heavy when wet, so it is recommended to clean braidable extensions when they are not installed into the hair. It is recommended to clean the scalp with hairalcohol when wearing the locks, and to concentrate on the scalp when washing the hair with shampoo.

* textured dreads keep their shape even after washing, straight ones should be pulled out a little when you hang them out to dry

* if braidable wool dreads colors fade, you can send them to me for redye (the weather, the number of washes, the strength of UV lights all affect the color, so this is not a warranty repair). I use wool dye, but based on customer feedback, hair dyes and semi permanent hair dyes
also work on it. If you have permanent wool extensions crochted into your own locks, you can also do a test with hair dye (I cannot take
responsibility for the results of this, because I don’t do it myself).

* textured sets and free, hairy, wispy ends may shed for a while, this is due to the length of the wool. Unlike straight dreads, textured woolies are made from longwool that continue the felting process in your hair. You may experience some sheding, but this will stop in a couple of

* you can keep the free ends under control by palmrolling them, if necessary. But their frizzyness will also stops.


Dreadlock bands, tie

This bands made for those people whos cant find any band what keep their lock in bun or up. This hairpiece is a band and an accoessorie in the same time. The bands made from wood, strong elastic band and with togle fastening. Handmade woodwork what can be customized if you need something personal. Sizes are variety, choose the perfect for yourself.


Dreadlock beads and accessories

All of the burnt or graven wood beads made by hand. The wood coming from the pieceful forest from next to our home. Some of the wood came from our own garden, feathers came from our beloved birds. We care for make every piece a little bit different, so you will get something absolutly special and unique from us.
Diamaters of the hole are variety in beads, check them before you order. Recommend a little bit smaller bead in diameter than your locks.

Papabead is a big bead with 22mm hole. Perfect choise if you want to keep some of your locks at the back of your head.


Dread wigs

Wigs can be made from synthetic hair and wool. I made some synthetic dreadlock wig before but Im not a big fan of synthetic hair so I stopped to make them. Than I made some search and found out how to make wool dreads withoute a synthetic base. The advantage is the
installation: braidable woolies need hours to be installed, the wig need just some minutes: you can fix the wi with clips in your hair. Because of the weight I make wigs from just textured long wool. This type of wool is lighter than merino so the wig base wouldnt lost the flexibility. For install use a band to hide the „hairline” so the wig will be very lifelike. The cleaning methode is the same as the braidable woolies, check the maintaince guide under the ’services/FAQ’ menu.


Real dreads making

Appointments are usually available from Mon-Thu at a normal price, starting at 9-10am. In exceptional cases, I also work on weekends, but the rate for these days is different, 25% higher. Urgent appointments are also subject to an additional charge.

You can reserve an appointment with a reservation transfer, which you will lose if you do not come. If you cancel 7 days before your appointment, I can give you a new one without penalty, within this your reservation will be lost, I can only give you a new appointment if you transfer another reservation. The amount of the deposit depends on the price of the entire minka

If a replacement is prepared for a given date, the part above the deposit must be settled no later than on the day of your appointment, regardless of whether you show up or not. If this is not done, the deposit for replacements will be forfeited and I will list the replacements for sale.

Due to the increase in delays with “sorry, I overslept, because yesterday was such a big party” excuses, the following are also important: 15-30 minutes late + HUF 3, exceeding 30 minutes to 55 minutes + HUF 5, 55 minutes above, I charge +8e HUF (it does not apply to those who come by public transport and the train/bus is late, or if there is a traffic jam due to an accident. But let’s respect each other by not disguising these, because they can be tracked online).

For people with allergies, I would like to point out that we have 4, 4-legged children who I cannot separate. The hair-free workplace is in progress, but until then, come with this in mind.

The child is very simple: I can work quickly and efficiently if I don’t have to stop every 10 minutes. And you can’t expect a child to sit in one place for 3-8 hours. Thank you for your understanding!

I usually travel the country every 2 months and I am available in several places east from the Tisza (along the M3 between/near Debrecen, Békéscsaba, Szeged, Szolnok/Kecskemét. If you live in the area, contact me privately and we will arrange an appointment.

If you reject the advance payment, you automatically accept the above conditions (more in the T&C). A receipt is prepared for each payment, only the billing names are required in a notification, and the billing address in a private message.

* The agreed prices are valid if the reservation is sent within the next 3 days, otherwise the price may change!